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5 Pro Tips To Speed Up Your Website Loading Time In 2021

Your website loading speed matters. Why? Site speed is today a Google ranking factor.

Are you a new website owner? Then, you are most likely not going to think primarily about website speed. Although it takes a few extra seconds to load, your site looks beautiful, and everything feels like to be in place.

It is a big mistake.

Website speed has become more important ever since Google avowed that site loading speed would influence web search rankings. Google has introduced “Core Web Vitals” that aims at steering user-centric outcomes. It has become a major organic ranking factor in 2021, increasing the significance of page load time.

If your site takes even one extra second to load, it could lead –

  • 11% fewer page views
  • Nearly 20-30% reduction in conversion.

Slow websites negatively influence conversions, and they can never recover.

Google has favoured speed optimisation in recent years for both desktop and mobile. And it has placed even more priority on faster loading sites in 2021. Thus, here are a few practical tips that you can follow to improve your site speed in 2021.

How can you improve your website speed? – Follow these five ways

1. Minify JS and CSS file

Two common files for modern websites are –

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) – These files allow to style a website
  • JS (JavaScript).

These two files work together to ensure that the web pages look excellent and perform in users’ favour. However, these flies tend to become unnecessarily big due to line after line of code. It adds weight to every file and, eventually, slows down a website.

So by minifying the CSS and JS files, it shortens the codes into the smallest possible amount of lines. It reduces the site’s weight.

Fortunately, some plugins can do this for you automatically and make sure everything performing correctly.

2. Optimise all images

Images account for one of the most significant factors for the low load speed of your site. Thus, make sure to optimise your site’s images. It is easy to optimise images via several means like –

  • You can use any free online image compression tools to compress the images on your website.

Or use photo-editing software like Photoshop.

  • Resize the images to the actual size required for your site and speed up the load time.

However, WordPress are fortunate in this case as there are many plugins to manage this for you.

  • Go for lazy loading. This technique requires using a JS file and adding some syntax to your images.

You will find several plugins for a CMS like WordPress to carry out lazy loading optimisation of photos for you.

3. Minimise the number of plugins

Every plugin boosts your website. But every new feature means new files that occupy bandwidth and space. Moreover, all plugins do not come with the same code. Thus, the chances are high that a particular plugin is loading non-essential elements and slowing down your website.

What’s the solution? Streamline the number of plugins uses and keep only the essential ones.

4. Enable website caching

Website caching is especially needed for websites having a lot of traffic. A webpage has to provide time after time whenever a user visits the website. And this process can be slow and enhance the loading times.

Thus, simply cache the site to decrease the need to offer time after time for every user. This process is much easier on WordPress. You will find many popular plugins with millions of installs.

5. Upgrade your server

What server type are you using for your website? Your server’s type can bestow a significant impact on your site’s speed time. Generally, there are three kinds of web server hosting –

Shared Server – It is the most affordable and standard hosting option. The server response time is the slowest because the server is shared with several other websites.

VPS hosting – It provides more independence from other sites. It shares a server with other sites, but other site’s configurations will not have an impact on your own.

Dedicated Server – It is the costliest option as you have to pay a server rent and maintain it by hiring a system administrator.

And There’s More …..

These are five of the many effective ways or tips that can help increase your website speed. However, if you want to know more about optimising website speed, contact us for a professional consultation. Keep in mind:

The faster your website, the better are your chances to rank higher in Google search results.

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