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7 Powerful CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Tips For Low-Traffic Websites

Imagine a scenario: A shopper walked into a local shop, looked at all the products lined up on the shelves, and walked straight out of the store without a pause. Will it be good for the business?

Similarly, when visitors come to your website, you want them to actually interact with the site and not just linger around, only to leave. This just increases the bounce rate.

All you want is an increased Conversion Rate isn’t it?

Marketing teams are working vigorously to drive traffic, hoping that the traffic consequently converts into qualified leads for the sales to boost up. But, alas!

Moreover, things get worse if you have a low-traffic website. But, why? What is the reason behind the low Conversion Rate?

Let’s find out.

Why Is Conversion So Difficult for Low Traffic Websites?

There are two significant reasons for this:

  • You cannot figure out what is stopping your visitors from taking action on your website
  • You aren’t doing A/B tests to measure changes that make a striking difference.

What should a low-traffic website do?

Out of several strategies, the below-listed ones are effective:

  • Test big & bold ideas that visitors will love
  • Set Micro-Conversion goals like increased engagement or click-through rates to measure success. Even if your website gets low-traffic inflow, you can always rely on the said metrics.
  • Test on pages where customers visit most frequently, the Major Pages!
  • Make similar changes on all the pages and then optimise it to see results. For instance, you can use the same CTA on all the landing pages.

These are some of the full-proof strategies. But if you feel that your problem is bigger than this, it is always advisable to seek help from an expert. In today’s competitive digital world, where each website is struggling to secure a firm place in the SERP, getting rank is indeed a challenging task.

With years of experience, the team at Estie Web Solutions employs a customer-centric approach for web development that ensures quick and sustainable success in the online world.

The professionals believe that it is no longer just about driving traffic to increase ROI. Websites need to implement a new technique known as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to enhance the scenario to gain impactful results.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

In simple words, CRO is the art of converting more visitors to your website into qualified leads or sales. As you increase your website’s conversion rate, the sales or leads will automatically increase without needing more traffic.

How to increase the CRO for your website?

New techniques require a new approach and who better than the experts at Estie Web Solutions to do that for you. Of course, you can look online for other options, but when it comes to something as essential and crucial as your website/ brand reputation, you surely won’t put your trust in a random name.

The highly skilled specialists will bring your digital vision to life by employing effective strategies.

7 Powerful Ways to Boost the CRO for your website are:

1. Do Tests With Lower Confidence

This is not something you’ll be very comfortable doing but is necessary. Let’s explain. Both in the real and digital world, confidence plays a critical role. Talking statistically, the confidence level of a particular test shows how accurate the test results are.

For instance, A is better than B when there’s a test between A & B, and A shows at 95% confidence. Simple!

However, building the confidence of 95% requires a larger sample size, which the low-traffic websites lack. Therefore, it is advisable to run the test with lower confidence in such cases. A smaller sample size means a shorter time to run the test. But as said, the accuracy can vary anywhere between 80-85%, which is fair enough.

Put your confidence on Estie Web Solutions to do different tests in a shorter time frame to get reasonably confident results.

2. Yes to the Major Changes

You have to step up for the Big if you want something big! When you’re trying out tests on a low-traffic website, you might feel that an A/B test is not necessary at all. But until and unless you opt for the more extensive changes, how can you expect to see bigger results.

If you implement a more significant change on the webpage, you may notice a bigger conversion rate. This way, you can generate a clear winner.

3. What are the Micro-Conversions?

We tend to ignore the micro-conversions more often while looking for the bigger conversion rates. But are those not important? Absolutely! Conversion is a wide spectrum with several micro-conversions that lead up to the macro-conversion.

They are the ones that depict the visitor’s interest in the website/ brand. Moreover, in low-traffic websites, micro-conversions occur more frequently than macros.

It would be best to have an expert’s guidance on this one. Allow the professionals at Estie Web Solutions to track the various micro-conversion elements and optimise them carefully to enhance the overall user experience of your website.

4. Personalization is the Key

Even in real life, we prefer personalization, isn’t it? Reports show that over 66% of online users expect to find personalised data based on their previous online interactions. Furthermore, personalization has become an essential CRO strategy with time.

As personalised website content allows the visitors to interact better, it is advisable to serve dynamic content with a data-driven approach to meet users’ needs.

Few ways in which the specialists at Estie Web Solutions can track the user’s data include:

  • Search History
  • Online Traffic Behavior
  • Location
  • Website Interaction
  • Social Interaction
  • Demographic Details
  • CRM Data

5. Conduct Usability Testing

Usability Testing includes testing a particular website to find out its friction points and evaluating how well it serves the target audience. This way, you can discover the areas that need improvement. Although Usability Testing is helpful for websites of all scales, not many use it.

Also, just so you know, usability is highly underutilised, which can yield greater conversions if included in the plan.

For low-traffic websites, usability testing is remarkably advisable as it yields significant results while requiring the involvement of a few people. However, you have to be careful when choosing the candidates for the usability test.

Allow experts to ensure that the people know the test context to give meaningful results. You can always rely on the professionals at Estie Web Solutions to track the exact test results. They have the required knowledge and expertise to eliminate any confusion.

6. Integrated Feedback Forms

The very purpose of the whole CRO initiative is to enhance the user experience. Therefore, one of the first things to find out is what the visitor feels while visiting your website.

Deploy integrated feedback forms to understand the visitor’s behaviour. This way, you can get insights into how the target audience feels and make the necessary changes.

Professionals who specialise in creating form designs to deliver a better user experience will help to drive the intention the right way.

7. Text-Based CTA

You must be familiar with using CTAs in blog posts. But did you know that this practice often fails to attract the visitor’s action?

Banner Blindness is real in which visitors tend to ignore any banner-like information on the websites. That’s where the role of Text-Based CTAs comes to play.

It is a standalone text linked to the landing page, often styled as an H3 or H4. This practice converts more traffic to leads than the usual CTAs placed at the page’s bottom.


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a data-driven process that collects data through website visitors. But since the data with low-traffic websites are limited, you need careful optimization tips and tactful strategies to increase the conversions irrespective of the traffic size.

Even if your website traffic is low, the expert web developers at Estie Web Solutions will imply result-driven strategies to ensure project success. They have handled numerous projects so far and take care of the entire design, development, and marketing process.

Get in touch with them today at 0786 206 3870.

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