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7 Steps to Boost Your SEO Content Strategy In 2022

Here’s a true statement: Content has become the new-age digital weapon to cut through your competitors and reach your target audience. Many say that ‘only’ content or ‘only’ SEO will drive results. But the truth is, you need Content and SEO combined to reach your goals.

With Google’s algorithm changing now and then, your content and SEO must evolve continuously to be in Google’s good books and offer maximum value to the searchers. Gone are the days when keyword-stuffed and generic content material enhanced your Google rank. Today you need ‘SEO content’.

What is SEO Content?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to optimising a website so people can easily find it on the Google result page. And SEO content means creating content to drive search engine traffic.

Why is SEO Content Important?

Google gets approximately 3.5 billion searches each day. This means your target customers are most certainly using Google to find information for their queries. In such a scenario, if you fail to create SEO-friendly content, your target audience won’t be able to find you. SEO writing helps your website rank on the top of the SERP and drives highly relevant traffic.

So, the question now arises: How do you create such a content strategy? Below are the essential steps in writing SEO content to drive immediate results.

7 Steps to Create SEO-Focused Content Strategy In 2022

Understand The ‘Search Intent’

As we said before, writing for SEO means writing content that ranks well in the SERP. And to make this happen, you need to understand the search intent of your target customers. Search intent is the user’s intention while typing a query on the search engine. For instance, when someone looks for ‘best hotels near me’, they intend to find the best hotels near their current location.

It sounds simple, but framing the right content with the correct keywords that satisfy your user’s query can take time and effort. So, before you start writing, it is important to research your user’s search intent and find the keywords that will help you rank.

Finding The Right ‘Topic’

Finding a topic that your audience finds interesting is important. This shows that you are updated and care about what the audience likes. Check out popular blog posts, infographics, and videos, or search online to generate awesome content ideas.

After you find the topic, start searching the keywords then. Don’t find the keyword and then write content based on it. Rather, find a nice, in-trend topic and its popular keywords. Doing so will help you in the following ways:

  • Increase conversion
  • Increase web engagement
  • Internal linking
  • Fetch backlinks

Write ‘Comprehensive’ Content

Content is not merely writing. A lot goes into creating good and comprehensive content that answers the user’s query. It is important to post content that gives all the information related to a particular keyword such that the reader doesn’t have to hop here and there to collect details. This means the length of the content will be much longer than the average.

But that’s okay because longer content ranks better! If you’re wondering why let’s break it down for you.

  • Longer content provides more information to Google about your webpage and helps it understand that your content is relevant and helpful for that particular keyword.
  • As long-length content covers a lot of details about a specific topic, you can answer your searcher’s queries better.
  • Long content tends to fetch more backlinks than short or shallow content.

Therefore, writing comprehensive content will give you an added advantage.

Set The ‘SEO’ Elements

While you prepare the best quality content to rank on Google, securing the #1 spot takes a bit more. Pay attention to the SEO elements, which include the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • URL slug
  • Open Graph tag
  • Post/Page Categorisation
  • Image Alt Text

You should optimise every page of your website while writing the content to rank it in the SERP.

Add Internal Links

Once you publish the post, add internal links so users and search engines can easily navigate it. Updating internal links makes your website user-friendly and helps Google crawl through it and index it easily and properly.

When you do it, make sure you use your keyword as the anchor text.

A Readable URL

Writing a good quality URL that is easily readable and allows the user to understand your page’s content is essential. Often, users hover above the text to check the URL and find what the URL explains about the topic. Moreover, it also serves as an anchor text when the link has no anchor text.

Follow Google’s advice to frame a readable URL:

  • Use hyphens & punctuation in your URL instead of underscores between the words
  • URL should be descriptive and match the page’s primary keyword
  • Instead of mixing capital letters, use lowercase
  • Make your URL short while describing the page’s content precisely.

Track & Analyse The Success

SEO takes a considerable amount of time to show results, and the trends are ever-evolving. Therefore, you’ll want to know all about the latest SEO strategies and how it works. Monitor the organic traffic to your site, the ROI, page conversions, and indexed pages to recognise your success. Moreover, tracking the metrics will help you understand the areas that need improvement.

How to Get Started On Your SEO Content Writing?

Now that you know all the secrets, it’s time to create new SEO-friendly content that drives results. Are you planning to do it alone? SEO and Content are two crucial aspects of digital success. For anyone unsure about rightly executing the strategy, seek the help of reputed SEO services to excel in content marketing.

At Estie Web Solutions, we have a designated team of skilful content writers who are well-versed with the current SEO trends and Google algorithms and create content that ticks off all the prerequisites to serve the purpose of brand growth rightfully.

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