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8 Important Tasks to Perform Regularly For a Healthy WordPress Site

Anyone who has ever managed a website or built one must be familiar with WordPress. While it can be a powerful CMS, including plugins, hosting, themes, and others, it is essential to maintain it to provide a good user experience.

Many website owners start a website but fail to keep up with the necessary maintenance tasks leading to poor website performance. The work doesn’t end by simply launching the WordPress site. Like every other property, it requires regular and proper maintenance to function at its best.

After all, performance is one of the key parameters of your website’s success which comes from regular maintenance. Instead of waiting for things to go wrong, fix things regularly.

While you can always maintain it yourself, having expert WordPress development services manage it for you saves time & ensures efficiency. Here we’ve outlined the key tasks you must regularly perform to keep your WordPress site running at peak performance.

8 WordPress maintenance tasks to perform regularly

1. Update WordPress

While WordPress comes with an inbuilt system that updates all of your plugins, themes and files; it is important to use the latest version of WordPress to ensure that your themes and plugins stay updated.

The security and functionality of your website will come to stake when your site misses an update. For example, when the plugin expires or the license of a premium theme gets over. Hence, regularly reviewing the themes and plugins is always a good idea to ensure they’re running in the latest version. If not, do it immediately.

2. Take backup

A complete backup of your website is one of the prerequisites when running a WordPress site. Imagine a situation when everything stops working suddenly without you even noticing. To avoid such disastrous scenarios, have a high-quality backup.

Many good plugins can automatically back up your website. However, the frequency of full backups can differ based on the website and how often you post new content.

Having a backup safeguards your website from various situations like:

  • Malicious code injection
  • Hacking
  • User Error
  • Database corruption
  • There/Plugin corruption
  • Core update failure

3. Optimise the database

Every WordPress site has a database containing all the site’s comments, content, settings, and users. While the database exists to collect and store the data, some data is unnecessary, and it’s best to get rid of them. Over time, it can accumulate and hamper the backup uploading and downloading, making the cycle messy.

Optimising your WordPress database can help your site eliminate clutter, improve overall database performance, and defragment tables. You can do it with the help of plugins. However, remember to take a backup before you start optimising.

4. Test the WordPress forms

Forms tend to stop working randomly. If you rely on the forms for promoting your business, then this is the last thing you want to happen. Create good-looking and easily accessible forms using builder plugins.

Ensure to check the functionality of all the forms from time to time or hire quality website maintenance services to make the process easier and hassle-free.

5. Conduct performance tests

When you first create a website, the performance metrics remain fantastic, but this is not how they continue to be. Over time, things change when you add extensions, install new plugins, add new content, or maybe alter the theme. All these elements negatively impact your website’s performance. Most users or website owners forget about optimising their website once they’ve created it.

Therefore, it is imperative to perform regular tests and reviews to ensure all the aspects of your website are running fine. Don’t limit the tests to just the homepage; test all the other important pages, including the content. A faster website ensures a great user experience and improves your SEO ranking.

6. Find broken links/ 404 errors

WordPress shows users a 404 error page when they request a page that doesn’t exist. This could happen for 2 reasons:

  • When users mistype an address leading to a faulty page
  • When one of your pre-existing pages is no longer available

Point 1 shouldn’t concern you. However, the latter can lead to a bad user experience. Make sure that you track all the 404 error pages and redirect them to other pages of your website. Similarly, when you link to external websites for SEO purposes, you will find that some external websites do not exist anymore. This creates a broken link.

However, broken links are not just limited to external sites but include badly formatted links, broken images, or misspellings of your links. Google penalises such websites because it frustrates the users with a bad experience.

7. Perform SEO audit

There’s always scope for further improvement in SEO. To start with, you can always thoroughly check and review your content for SEO inconsistencies. Consider the data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to find out where your visitors are going and why they are visiting your website. These details will help you take further action as required.

Specific WordPress plugins can help in this regard and help you focus on a high-performing keyword.

8.Change your passwords often

A weak password and username can risk your WordPress website’s security. While creating new login details is easy and doesn’t involve much time, many website owners delay the task to compromise the website’s security.

3 ways to handle this situation are:

  • Create a strong username & password
  • Use long & complicated passwords for various parts of your site
  • Use Password Policy Manager for WordPress from time to time


Maybe you’re already doing some of the tasks mentioned above, but it is necessary to ensure that you tick all of them. Regular maintenance of your WordPress site is essential, and you must in no way negotiate with it. If your website deals with high traffic, you must perform all the tasks regularly to ensure that your website runs swiftly and smoothly.

However, if you’re facing any of the said issues, you may want to seek the help of professionals to create custom WordPress solutions. As reputed WordPress developers and web designers, Estie Web Solutions offers design, support and security services in all WordPress versions. You can harness the complete power of WordPress by using their expertise & experience in the industry and ensure faultless maintenance of your website.

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