can bad reviews help seo

Can Bad Reviews Help SEO & Online Reputation Management?

There is a lot of error associated with the term, Negative review. You get that notification of receiving a new review and start holding your breath before checking it out. Imagine your worst nightmare coming to life: a Bad review!

Business owners well-understand the impact of a few bad words that can take a toll on the whole brand image and reputation.

Therefore, your first thought maybe just to put down the comment or simply avoid the negativity, is it?

But, what if we say, sometimes it is good to be BAD?

Should you remove the Bad reviews?

To your surprise, do not delete the negative reviews. Before you start darting us with a thousand questions, let’s say that negative reviews can positively impact your brand image and reputation.

Why Is Negativity Good In Online Reviews?

Let’s start by stating an easy-to-understand and straightforward example. A brand with too many positive reviews can often come across as fake or too-good-to-be-true to the customers. It is only when a company receives negative reviews once in a while does it assures its legitimacy.

Also, not to forget the scheme of gaming the review system! In short, negative reviews indeed ensure that your company and brand are authentic. Moreover, people do not write off a bad review frequently. Studies have shown that over 65% of customers do not leave negative reviews when they have a bad experience. That is another great thing!

Additionally, the possibility of getting a positive review is much higher than that of a negative one. Speaking of statistics, approximately 92% of the online reviews are positive and less than 1% is 1-star ratings.

Now coming to the main designated question.

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Do Negative Reviews Help SEO & Online Reputation Management?

You must have realised that negative reviews indeed help your brand reputation. So, yes! Negative reviews can be a good thing. But how does it help SEO?

Keeping the bad reviews along with the good ones can help your brand in the following ways:

  • Increase trust and customer base
  • Improve the overall visibility & SEO in search results
  • Give insights about the things you can improve for further business growth

Let’s discuss this in detail.

1. Negative Reviews Increase Trust & Customer Base

Reviews are trust-generating mechanisms that help customers understand what they are getting into. Negative reviews are an essential ingredient in brewing a stable online reputation. After all, too good of something isn’t necessarily right.

Once the customer starts putting their trust in you, it will automatically lead to an increased customer base and more sales.

2. Negative Reviews Help Boost SEO

Amongst many other factors, Reviews and Ratings are the two things that play an essential role in the Google SEO rankings. And, here we are talking about high-quality, positive reviews. These types of reviews can greatly help and improve the visibility of your business across the various search domains. This further ensures more and more customers visit to your website.

Therefore, instigating customers to leave positive reviews and responding to them is a good idea to enhance the SEO and your brand’s online image.

When talking about negative reviews, they are equally important as an abundance of good and superlative reviews can present the image of a fake company. The bad responses help to balance it out. This signals to Google that you’re genuine.

3. Negative Reviews Help Improve Business Growth

What comes to your mind when you hear about a Negative Review? A customer unhappy with any particular product or service from your company shares negative feedback online. Guess what; there is a genuine benefit from this.

Negative reviews tell your business what needs to improve. After all, criticisms make us better. Also, this is necessary in today’s competitive world, where you need to meet your customer’s expectations to thrive.

More than often, when consumer posts negative feedback, it brings to your attention two things:

  • Is there any faulty or defective product?
  • Does a team associate need help or supervision?

Remember, not all bad reviews mean an end to your business. Some come up to help you flourish.

Coming to the most-awaited question: how to manage it all?

How to deal with the Negative Responses?

We know and understand how bad reviews can impact your brand. But guess what, you can surely neutralise the effect with a nice and honest reply. The simple yet effective trick is to nurture a sympathetic approach, which will eventually help in the following ways:

  • Show your future customers that you care about their needs and accommodate their view into your work module
  • Help your future customers understand the context of the bad review
  • Show customers that you greatly value their presence & participation, which further implants their confidence in the company

Furthermore, you can seek the help of professional SEO services to oversee your SEO approach, including ORM (Online Reputation Management). Good and reputed SEO services have the necessary tools to help you curate the perfect response to negative reviews and manage them accordingly.

The experts at Estie Web Solutions create bespoke ORM strategies using various creative and technical techniques that will help your business stand out for all the right reasons. As one of the best SEO services in London, the professionals use organic methods that ensure fast solutions to protect your company.

All this will spare you the stress of bad reviews. Additionally, they promote positive reviews tactfully such that Google checks them to boost your SEO rankings.


Several factors play a role when a customer looks at the online reviews of a business. The most important of them all is the authenticity of the company. The more recent and genuine the reviews are, the better is the business’s image in front of the consumers. Even though the word negative sounds hurtful, surprisingly, it can help you in your online endeavours.

Your business needs to strike the right balance between the good and the bad to boost sales and traffic and improve SEO. Choose Estie’s renowned organic SEO services, including Online Reputation Management, to positively impact your business in terms of customer loyalty and leads.

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