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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update: What It Is & How to Recover

When Google announces a Broad Core Algorithm update, a cloud of terror builds up. Each day, Google releases a few changes to improve the search results. While some are noticeable, like the ‘Speed Update’, others are not. But all forms of changes help websites to improve continually. We confirm that the broad core updates typically intend to produce notable effects. And it rolls out several times a year.

But, somehow, the update’s announcement creates tension in the web sphere. So, once and for all, we’re going to find out what this Google Broad Core Algorithm Update is and how a website can recover from it!

What Is A Google Core Update?

A Google core update happens when Google makes broad or significant changes to its search engine algorithm. These regular updates ensure a better user search experience by providing more useful, relevant, and trustworthy content. Remember, this rollout can happen several times a year.

Google doesn’t necessarily target any specific issues. It takes a holistic approach to build a website’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT). Several factors are involved in deciding the EAT of a website, and Google can’t choose one over the others.

For instance, think that there are over 150 Google ranking factors. Not all of them have the same importance in Google’s eyes. Now, when it rolls out a broad core update, the sequence of considering the ranking factors rearranges.

Does it mean that the other factors do not count? Well, of course, it does. Google prefers to choose a few over others during a particular update that change the next time.

What is the purpose of the Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

The top purpose behind rolling out the Broad Core Algorithm Update several times a year is to improve the search results. It was earlier when Google announced that the very purpose of this whole thing is to benefit the pages that were previously under-rated (the sequence of the priority factors changes).

Now, many websites feel targeted during the Broad Core Updates. But, think of it like Google hitting the ‘Refresh’ button on the SERP based on a particular set of ranking rules which will change! Your site may have gone up or down. But, this is all temporary. Once the update stops rolling, your site will be back in the same position on the result page.

A few cues to remember the next time:

  • The update focuses on providing better search results
  • It’s okay if your website lost its rank
  • You can in no way fix the lost website ranking
  • The improvement focuses on the content and not its quality.

However, many people still think that Google could have been more transparent. Is it so?

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Can Google Be More Transparent With The Updates?

The SEO landscape thrives in a headspace where the experts believe that Google’s core algorithm update targets the ‘low quality’ web pages. Honestly, this isn’t the case. Additionally, it nullifies the possibility that Google’s updates might simply signal a slight improvement in providing the user with the best search results.

The SEO industry is getting it all wrong with the assumption that they must have done something wrong! Also, it’s not entirely their mistake as Google indeed doesn’t have a wide mouth.

How is the Google core update different from the other updates?

There are 3 key ways in which a Google core update differentiates from other updates. They are:

  • Google acknowledges the core updates, but not the algorithm updates
  • It announces the core updates, not the algorithm ones
  • Google names the core updates, not the algorithm ones

How do you know that your website is affected by a Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Many websites complain that a Google core update has negatively impacted their site. Look out for the following signs.

Rank Decrease

When a broad core algorithm update hits a site, the SEO experts often start checking their ranking on the SERP. The ranking provides an insight into whether a core update helps or hurts your site rank. However, make sure that you track the rankings for a couple of days before drawing any conclusion. You can also check your website ranking for the various keywords.

Decreased Traffic

Did your organic traffic inflow take a hit? If your rankings are hurt, you will most certainly lose traffic. Expect to see a stiff drop in traffic before and after the rankings. You can use Google analytics to check it.

Now, coming to the next big question: How do you solve it or recover from it?

How to recover from the Google Broad Core Algorithm Update?

It’s known to all that the Broad Core Algorithm Update has impacted the ranking of several websites across various industries. For every website that goes up, the other has to go down. This is how the update works!

Google’s advice to deal with this see-saw game is quite confusingly correct, i.e., to create great content. This answer has often left the SEO experts boggled. But, on several occasions, Google has provided guidance and hints on creating high-quality websites by focusing on the content. If you do that, your website ranking remains unhampered!

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Guideline on how to recover from Google’s Broad Core Updates

1. Find out the Gaps

Start by focusing on your website’s loopholes. Use Google’s guidelines to deepen your understanding of what you should do. The steps will help you create a useful and high-quality website that will be Google approved!

2. Check Content

Find the answers to the below questions:

  • Does the content provide original information or a research analysis?
  • Is the content insightful??
  • Does the content provide a comprehensive or complete description of a topic?
  • Instead of copying or rewriting the sentences, is the content filled with genuine and authentic information?
  • Does the headline provide a helpful summary of the content?
  • Will you bookmark the content to share it with a friend or recommend it?
  • Would you expect to come across this content in a magazine, book, or elsewhere?

These are a few sets of questions that you must check. Even if you like to believe that your website content passes the barometer, remember that there can always be someone better. You can focus on the better to prove you’re the best!

3. Improve the EAT

EAT is a simple thing to say but a difficult thing to do. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness are the key elements of website content. So, focus on improving it to improve your rank in return.

4. Seek Help

As a company owner, it is hard to see the faults in your website. But when you ask a third party or an expert to pick the mistakes, things get easier. At Estie Web Solutions, the experts are committed to providing intelligent and helpful strategies for you to achieve the best online results. Instead of thinking of just one, the professionals discover the various reasons and work on them strategically to open up new possibilities for you.

Other Things That Google suggests On Doing During The Updates:

  • Avoid fluctuations
  • Focus on delivering high-quality content
  • Avoid making major corrections on the website
  • If your high-ranking pages lose their positions, compare them with the site that has replaced them and find ways to improve your content.
  • Wait for a couple of days before making significant changes as Google rolls back a few changes.
  • Do follow the EAT guidelines

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Google’s constant Broad Core Algorithm Updates can be frustrating for SEO experts and marketers. However, things start changing when you figure out how to recover from it and employ ways to reach your target audience effectively. The good news is that you can always seek the expert’s help to avoid discrepancies in the first place.

Estie Web Solutions has a team of skilled professionals who will guide and help you at every step, ensuring that core updates don’t have a major impact on your site’s search rankings. They will make necessary adjustments to your site and content to survive every core update successfully.

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