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Google Desktop Page Experience Update Is Now Rolling Out!

Changing times demand evolving marketing habits that can help to enhance the user experience and help brands achieve success in the competitive digital landscape.

This is especially true for SEO, a critical aspect of digital marketing. The world of SEO comprises many elements, each of which contributes to ranking a website in the SERP.

Google, as you know, never fails to surprise digital marketers with random updates. However, the latest Google Page Experience Update has made it seemingly visible how difficult this could get. The news for the ‘Page Experience’ update came out in November 2021, and Google has confirmed that the Desktop Page Experience update is now rolling!

For those who do not know:

What is Page Experience?

In simple words, it is how a user feels when they land on your webpage. Page experience refers to the specific signals that determine the user’s experience after visiting any web page. Unlike popular belief, it goes beyond the content.

Other factors include:

  • Page Loading Rate
  • Visual Stability
  • Mobile Friendliness

The Page Experience update that first rolled out to the mobile search results during the summer of 2021 will be now applied to desktop search results starting February 2022. While most of the changes are similar to the mobile update, there’s one definite change for the Desktop update.

Let’s check out the list:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Applied to both Mobile & Desktop
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Applied to both
  • First Input Display (FID): Applied to both
  • Absence of Intrusive Interstitials: Applied to both
  • HTTPS Security; Applied to both
  • Mobile Friendliness: Only Mobile

Furthermore, Google has confirmed that the update is rolling out slowly and will finish rolling out by the end of March. Meanwhile, if there’s any variation in the Google ranks, marketers shouldn’t worry about it.

Even if it does, below we’re going to share a few key tips that can help you optimise the Page experience for good!

Did you know that Google Search Console now has an additional report dedicated to determining the Page Experience Criteria on the desktop version of web pages?

Web critics can now utilise this new report to evaluate how the site is performing and how it may get impacted when the update stops rolling out at the end of March.

See the Twitter Announcement for Desktop Page Experience

Tips to improve Page Experience

Measure the P.E Performance

Firstly, it is essential to understand your website and how it fulfils Google’s Core Web Vitals benchmark. You need to evaluate the good and poor URLs and note down the various page experience scores to assess your site further.

Optimise the Core Web Vitals

The three main Core Web Vitals Metrics are:

  • LCP (Load speed of a page)
  • FID (the time a user takes to interact with the page)
  • CLS (measures the visual stability)

Rethink your SEO strategy

If all the three Core Web Vitals seem fine, then it’s time that you reconsider your SEO strategy. A few things to re-evaluate include:

  • Re-assess the target keyword list
  • Check the landing page metrics
  • Evaluate the design of specific web pages

Now, if this seems too much, you can always seek the expertise of professionals to get better results. Moreover, with more and more brands trying to break the glass ceiling, it is only advisable to seek expert help!

At Estie Solutions, the officials are more than equipped with the proper knowledge, experience, and expertise to help your website withstand the various Google updates. After all, your vision must get the proper guidance to reach its goal.

At Estie, the professionals bring in over 10 years of experience in the niche field to create exceptional page designs to help your brand stand out in the competitive industry. Offering a good user page experience involves many things, so you need an additional head to bring out the best!

Various Services Offered By Estie

  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development
  • Design & Creatives

Be it a small or a big company, Estie Web Solutions strives to offer the best web solutions to help companies achieve their business goals, steer growth, and ultimately make the customers happy.

Every unique idea deserves a unique website, and hence the officials offer tailor-made digital experiences to meet specific business needs. When you have a poor page experience, there will be more pressure than ever to improve the ranks on the Google SERPs.

Therefore, it is wise and advisable to take prior measures to ensure website stability during any major Google Update. Allow the professionals to build an exclusive data-driven SEO strategy for your website that improves the CTR (Click Through Rate), keyword rankings and drives on-page conversions.

There’s a lot to manage, and if you haven’t carved out time to fix the elements, talk to the experts today for every Web Solution and tackle each Google Update with confidence.

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