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Google’s Helpful Content Update Is Rolling NOW! – 7 Key Insights

Google has started rolling out yet another ‘CONTENT’ update from 25th August that will take up to two weeks to finish. The search engine pays great importance to user experience and, with that spirit, has laid out the latest ‘Helpful Content’ update, which seeks to target websites with unhelpful content.

‘Unhelpful’ refers to all such content written for the search engine and is not user-intent. Specifically, it targets the content written not to answer the user’s query but to rank on Google.

As a result of this roll-out, all unoriginal and low-quality content websites will go down in ranking. However, remember, Google always provides solutions for such tricky situations (algorithm). For instance, days before the update started rolling out, the search engine suggested ways in which you can check the ‘people-first’ metric of your content.

7 things to keep in mind while curating ‘people-first’ content

1. Focus on your Main Topic

If you have a website, do you think your target audience will find your site’s content useful or helpful if they come to you for an answer? Don’t just think; check it!

When you create content for the search engine, you tend to publish articles or incorporate content outside your niche. For instance, you might include a high target keyword to rank higher. But this in no way helps your existing audience. This update aims to take a hit on all such websites.

To avoid that, start asking yourself the following set of questions:

  • Is your content primarily focusing on Google and not the humans?
  • Did you target any high-performance keyword without the necessary expertise to get traffic and not help your audience?
  • Are you writing content that is merely trending but doesn’t provide niche-related information to the existing audience?

2. First-Hand Expertise

Google can well differentiate first-hand expertise from cumulated content. Does your content have a depth of knowledge or expertise on a certain topic or involve writing about services/products with no first-hand experience?

Since the author lacks experience with the product/service, the content will lack expertise. Google suggests writing content about products/ services that the author has used first-hand, along with relevant and original images and insights.

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3. Fusing multiple topics

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ is a famous figure of speech. Google implies the same formula when evaluating a website. A website that tries to combine multiple topics fails to show expertise on one. This is not just unhelpful to the visitors but confuses the search engine also.

Therefore, build a site that revolves around one particular subject area. Moreover, you can always build different websites for different topics if you wish to.

4. Provide sufficient answers

When you search for something on Google, you expect the search engine to show the most relevant results and the websites that can give you detailed knowledge about a particular topic. Keeping this in mind, Google aims to rank those websites that can help users achieve this goal.

When writing something, ensure that it satisfies the searcher’s quest instead of trying to impress Google. Try to provide sufficient answers or resolve a query with your content. This way, Google will place your site in the first place.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does your content provide incomplete information or miss out on better information?
  • Does a particular word count restrict your content because you believe Google prefers word count? Well, it doesn’t!

5. Focus on the Reader Experience

Will your content leave someone feeling dissatisfied? This is quite tricky, and you can consider a third person’s involvement to rate it. Google urges sites to think about the overall reader’s experience. To ensure this, consider providing first-hand expertise on a certain topic and original videos or photos.

The primary aim is to satisfy the searcher’s needs and wants with your content. Do not leave them asking or looking for more.

6. Provide confirmed answers

Google cautions those websites that make claims without any solid foundation. Does your site content suggest some information which is not yet confirmed? Then you must make it clear to the reader that it is alleged or inconclusive. Never provide unsettled details or answers to your readers just for the sake of it. This can impact your reader’s trust and eventually Google’s.

7. Follow Google’s guidelines – ALWAYS!

As said, Google offers the solution to everything, and it is up to you whether you abide by its guideline or not. To avoid getting penalised by the search engine, you must follow Google’s advice for all the core updates, including the helpful content update.

Google Algorithm Update: Broad Core Algorithm Update


Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ update is rolling out now and will continue to roll out over the next two weeks, starting 25th August. It is best to wait to assess the final impact. However, this is not the last update by Google.

The giant search engine states to continually filter its effort to rank original & helpful content in the SERP. If your website takes a hit with this roll-out, you can consider the above-stated questions and curate fresh content in sync with this latest update. Good luck!

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