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How To Get Rid Of Toxic Backlink?

What is that one thing that almost every digital marketer aspires for? They all want their website to rank at the top of the SERP. But how many of them employ the correct measures to achieve such results?

Many might argue that the rank is stubborn to improve even after numerous efforts and solid SEO strategies. Who is responsible for it? Contrary to past methods, website owners and digital marketers today need quality and good quality backlinks to rank on the search engine page.

This means you need to remove the bad backlinks that can negatively impact the search ranking and site authority. But before we tell you how to remove the ‘TOXIC’ element from your website, let’s start by covering some basic questions.

What are Backlinks?

Incoming links or Backlinks are connections between two websites where you have to build links to your website from other sites. There are 3 types of backlinks:

  1. Good (backlinks from websites that are not in the niche but still hold value & reputation)
  2. Great (backlinks from websites of the same niche)
  3. Potentially Dangerous (backlinks from harmful websites whose niche is way different from yours)

How To Find The Bad (Toxic) Backlinks?

As the name suggests, toxic websites are those that hurt your website’s image and reputation in Google’s eye. The bad backlinks mostly have their origin from trying to trick Google algorithms to boost their rankings using Black Hat SEO techniques. As a result, Google recognises and penalises them.

So, how do you find them to avoid them?

You could spend hours doing that by going through your Google analytics in detail, identifying, checking, and removing each individual link. Alternatively, you can hire experts to make the process easier, effective, and convenient.

As reputed web development services in London, the professionals at Estie Web Solutions could do it the easy way!

Here’s how they remove the Bad Links:

1. Analyse the Backlink profile

The bad part is you aren’t the one creating those bad backlinks. Other people do it, and you have little or no control over what you’re getting. Therefore, it’s a nasty job to track those toxic backlinks and discard them from your website.

But for the professionals at Estie, it’s an easy task to do! They come equipped with specific tools that help them analyse and determine the bad backlinks. Starting from a backlink audit to check whether or not there are any spammy links, they will take a good look at everything.

2. Identify the Backlink Quality

After they analyse the backlink profile, the experts will evaluate the quality of the backlinks by determining a few details. This includes the following:

  • Domain Trust Level: Low count (below 0.5) indicates harmful backlinks.
  • Anchor Texts: The texts/ keywords should be relevant to your niche. If not, then it’s best to avoid them.
  • Domain Citation Flow: On a scale of 0-10, the Citation Flow determines how authoritative the site is.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: Determines the traffic inflow of the particular website.

3. Disable the Toxic Links with ease

Once the scanning is over, the professionals will disable or get rid of the toxic backlinks in the following ways:

  • Manual Removal: The skilled officials will edit those websites to remove the backlinks.
  • Contact Other Person: This is a tricky process because there will not be a ‘Contact Me’ section every time. But if it’s there, then Bravo!
  • Disavow: They will simply ask Google not to read those backlinks as a part of your profile. They can do it in 2 ways: Using specific Pro-tools or Google Search Console.

4. Schedule Automated Scanning & Set Alerts to monitor

To ensure that these bad links do not recur, the Estie officials will set an Automatic Toxic Link Alert Feature to alert you when your website discovers new links. This will enable you to scan the websites automatically.


Toxic backlinks can weaken your website’s SEO efforts and thereby impact the count of organic visitors to your profile. Reach out to the experts at Estie to identify and fix the bad backlinks to ensure that your website runs smoothly to drive positive results.

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