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Top 5 SEO Trends To Rank Higher in 2021

The dynamic field of Search Optimisation is evolving more and more rapidly with every passing day. If your website is on the top of Google SERPs rankings, it will automatically drive more potential customers and increase leads.

However, to achieve the top position or rank your website pages higher, you have to apply SEO techniques correctly. Google updates adding new nuances to its ranking algorithm every year and even month. It intends to make the user experience more efficient and simpler.

Thus, it is significant to keep up with the updates in Google Search’s ranking parameters to rank on page one and generate organic traffic. Here are five of the important trends to leverage for SEO success in 2021. Take a look!

1. Core Web Vitals

Google turned up with three new metrics known as Core Web Vitals in May 2020. These metrics will help measure user experience based on three things – Interactivity, Loading & Visual Stability. And these ultimately measure one thing – page speed.

Core Web Vitals is primary Google’s ranking factors in 2021. Thus, you have to consider every aspect related to it to rank your website on the first page.

2. Proper Keyword Research

Considering the updates in the SERP and the competition out there, it is essential to invest substantial time in keyword research. You have to find keywords that will attract traffic and boost your business’ sales. Here are two tips –

Use some skills and creativity to get targeted, long-tail keywords for your business.

Analyse the SERP before choosing a particular keyword. It is essential to understand your user intent.

3. Google’s BERT Algorithm

Google’s BERT algorithm update has made the Google search engine bots much more conversational. So Google can now better understand and interpret searcher’s intent virtually like the human brain.

Make sure that your content is unique & valuable, offering what your user is looking for. If the content satisfies the user intent, then it is BERT-friendly. This will rank the page for the keyword for the long term.

Also known as Position Zero, the featured snippets appear at the SERP’s top in the rectangular box. These are valuable for the searchers, as well as beneficial for websites. However, the Google algorithm bots select content shown in the featured snippet for a specific search.

Thus, SEO experts cannot choose these snippets’ content but can employ a few practical strategies to increase the chances of getting your web page in that rectangular box. For instance, having well-structured content with bullet points and answering a particular question.

5. Mobile SEO

Google has been analysing a website’s desktop pages as secondary versions and mobile pages as primary since 2019. Thus, mobile SEO is among the key strategies to ensure success, and it has become more relevant in 2021. This is because the number of individuals accessing the internet from smartphones or tablets is growing day by day.

The World Advertising Research Centre (WARC) conducted a study that concluded it would be even more mobile in the future. It is expected that nearly three-quarters of the globe will avail of smartphones for the internet by 2025.

Thus, you need to ensure that your page’s mobile experience is as good as on desktop. Optimise the content and settings with this in mind so that you do not lose your ranking positions.

So these are the five SEO trends that can boost your website ranking in 2021. Continue increasing relevant traffic to your website this year and years to come keeping these strategies in mind.

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